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First conditional - a silly story

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    Conditional sentences - type I 


Read the silly story about possibilities for Martha's future and fill in the gaps Big smile
If Martha  (study) a lot she  (get) good grades.
If Martha  (get) good grades she  (go) to the University.
If Martha  (go) to the University she  (have to) study a lot.
If Martha  (have to) study a lot she  (not have) time to meet a boy.
If Martha  (not meet) a boy she  (get) married.
If Martha  (not get) married she  (not get) a divorce.
If Martha  (not get) a divorce she  (save) a lot of money! Wink
Now you write your silly story begining with one of the sentences below - and show it to your teacher at the next lesson:
If Bob drinks a lot he ....

If Stephanie wins a lottery she ....