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Insert the correct form of the verbs in brackets so that the sentences express real conditions and consequences.(first conditional)
1. If I �(see) John, I'll tell him your news.
2. He �(be) very pleased if it�(be)�really true.
3. If you �(go) to town on Monday, you �( meet) my brother.
4. If you �(need) help, my father �(help) you.
5. We�(have) a picnic lunch if the day �(be) fine.
6. If you �a policeman, he �(tell) you the way.
7. I�(finish) the job tomorrow if I �(can).
8. I�(not require) an umbrella if it �(not rain).
9. If she �(think) it over carefully, she �(form) a clear opinion.
10. If they �(catch) the bus now, they �(arrive) at half past nine.
11. He �(find) the answers if he �(look) at the back of the book.
12. If you �(want) me to, I �(come) for a walk with you.
13. If he �(write) to her, she �(answer) at once.
14. If you �(wait) for a moment, the waiter �(bring) your coffee.
15. He �(lose) weight if he �(stop) eating too much.
16. If she �(be) patient, I �(try) to explain.
17. I �(wear) a purple tie but only if I �(must).
18. If we�(leave) at once, we �(catch) the early train.
19. If he�(do) that again, his father �(punish) him.
20. If she �(drink) this medicine, she �(feel) much better.
1. Her health�(improve) if she �(sleep) longer.
2. If she �(want) to talk to me, she �(ring up).
3. I �(understand) Mr Brown if he �(speak) slowly.
4. If you �(give) him good meals, he �(not be able) to work hard.
5. It �(seem) nearly such a long way if she �(walk) fast.
6. You �(make) a fortune if you �(take) my advice.
7. If I �(think) that about him, I �(say) so.
8. If he�(promise) to behave in future, his mother �(forgive) him.
9. If we �(can) come on Sunday, we �(come)
10. If he �(need) help, I��(give) it.
11. Life �(be) monotonous if we �(have) nothing to do.
12. He �(not phone) me here unless it �(be) urgent.
13. If they �(love) each other, they �(quarrel) so much.
14. If Peter �(ask) Mary, I'm sure she �(marry) him.
15. She �(get) fit if she �(walk) to Trafalgar Square.
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