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Second Conditional Statements

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Second Conditional Statements  

Examples:   Read these examples of second conditional sentences and guess the structure.  
If1 I2 were3 president of the United States, I4 would5 make6 world peace.  
If1 my brother2 were3 taller, he4 would5 be6 a great basketball player.  
If1 I2 were3 invisible, I4 would5 rob6 banks.  
If1 I2 had3 four arms, I4 would5 be6 a great boxer.  
Write or choose the correct structural ingredients.  
1.   + 2.  + 3. + 4.  + 5.   + 6.
Controlled Practice:   Match the sentence halves. Write the correct letters in the boxes.  
1. If I were Bill Gates,                                     A. I would live at sea.  
2. If I could fly,                                               B. I would buy a Ferrari.                       
3. If I owned a sailboat,                                  C. I would live amongst the birds.  
4. If my brother were taller,                            D. I wouldn't have to leave him at home.  
5. If my dog were quieter,                               E. he would get more dates.  
Less-controlled Practice:  
Complete the following sentences.  
1. If I were Superman/Superwoman,                     
2. If I were invisible,                                                
3. If I lived in space,  
4. If I had a million dollars,  
5. If I were a bird,