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1. Choose the correct word:

1) He's got a
2) He's got a
3) He's got a
4) You must visit  if you sprained your ankle.
5) If you've got a blister you might need a
2. Watch video about healthy food and do the tasks:
Choose the correct answer:
1) What kind of vegetable or fruit can save your eyesight?
2) What should you eat to stay young?
chili pepper
3) Whom would you advise to eat more lemons, oranges, cherries, watermelons, bananas and strawberries?
a fat man
a person who's got problems with kidneys
a man who is in danger of heart attack
a person who caught a cold
4) Why should we eat chili pepper?
to loose weight
to smooth skin
to stay young
to get rid of colds and sinuses
5) What would you advise to a man who has got indigestion?
eat mushrooms
drink pinapple juice
eat cherry pie
eat banana
3. Read the text and choose the most suitable word to fill in:

Our Health

   When we are ill, we call a doctor, and he  us and diagnoses the illness. When we have a headache, a stomachache, a sore throat, a cold or a pain in some parts of the body, we call a doctor. He  our temperature and our pulse. He examines our heart, our lungs, our stomach or the part where we have , and tells us what the matter is with us. The doctor  medicine, and gives us a prescription, which we take to the , who makes up the medicine. If you follow the doctor's , you get better; if you disobey the doctor, you may get , and even die. We must obey the doctor, if we want to get better. If we have a temperature, we must stay in bed and take the medicine he prescribes. If we cannot get better at home we must go to hospital. If we are too ill to walk, we go to hospital in the . After our illness we can go to a sanatorium until we are strong again. When we have toothache, we go to the . He examines our , finds the tooth, which  us, stops or extracts it. Now here in  system incorporates a variety of medical institutions. The medical service is of two kinds. Some state establishments give their employees medical insurance cards. They guarantee the people free of charge medical assistance. Some medical establishments charge fees for treatment. They may be rather high, but our medical service now uses all modern equipment and medicines and provides qualified medical help to all people.