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Real Conditionals

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Real Conditionals
1. Write sentences using a clause from column A and a clause from column B, you must add IF where necessary (do not change the order of the clauses):
   Tom doesn’t like going to to cinema if his mother doesn’t buy him popcorn.
Remember! When the 'if' clause is placed in the first position, the clauses are separated by a comma.
   If his mother doesn’t buy him popcorn, Tom doesn’t like going to to cinema.
   Column A                                                    Column B
 1)my boss sends me to Japan                                   the plane experiences turbulence.

 2)they are going to build a new stadium                       send help.

 3)Jonathan prefers to sit on the window seat                  I must.

 4)I will only do it                                           they will miss the train.

 5)the girls won't enjoy the picnic                            she doesn't button up her coat.

 6)Oliver and Greta don't arrive in the next five minutes      you don't mind the aisle.

 7)Janice could catch a cold                                   I refuse to buy season tickets.

 8)I don't return in 30 minutes                                you give them your address.

 9)the goverment will send you the lottery money               I'll try sushi.

10)please, return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts      you don’t come.

2. Rewrite the following using 'unless' so that it means exactly the same as the sentence given:
1)She won't go if Kim doesn't go as well.
2)Keira reminded me that if we don't return the DVDs to the rental shop today, we will have to pay extra.
3)If Al starts going to the gym, he can become a policeman.
4)Only if you study hard, will you pass your university exams.
5)Rosemary's son cleans your car if you pay him 25€.