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Watch the video.-
How many parts of speech are there?   There are eight six ten
Solve the crossword puzzle.-
1 3
4 7

Do you remember them?

 1.- words which describe nouns and pronouns.
 2.- words which describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.
 3.- words which indicate time, place or position.
 4.- words which show action or being.
 5.- words which express emotion or are fillers in sentences.
 6.- words which hook or join words, phrases or sentences.
 7.- words which take the place of a noun.
 8.- words like names, persons, places, things or ideas.
Write under each word the name of the part of speech it represents.-
1.- I always get up at five thirty in the morning and my father gets up earlier.
2.- Susan never does her homework, but She is very intelligent.
3.- Miss Sanders parks her car in front of the school.
4.- My sister is so     happy,    because she got an A+ in English     and      Math.
5.- We  are going to visit the zoo next weekend.
Choose the correct option.-
Thick the correct word.-
1.- ADJECTIVE                       short      never    under
2.- VERB                                  always     she       play
3.- NOUN                                  they          teacher  dance
4.- PREPOSITION                   above       ball        happy
5.- INTERJECTION                 tall           but         sad
6.- PRONOUN                           you          pretty     never
7.- CONJUCTION                     on            sing         and
8.- ADVERB                               often         behind   tired
                                        EXCELLENT  JOB!