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First Conditional
Choose IF or UNLESS
1.- She won�t know the truth you tell it to her
2.- you arrive early, you�ll be able to meet the customers before the meeting.
3.- she eats healthy food, she won�t lose some weight
4.- They won�t arrive on time� they finish the work early
5.- Will she be able to eat some cake I put eggs in it?
Complete with the suitable verb tense
1.- He (forgive) you if you (tell) him the truth
2.- We� (not pass) the exam unless we (study) harder
3.- If she (take) a painkiller, she (feel) much better soon
4.- If your mother (ask) me, I (tell) her you went for a walk
5.- �( you/buy) the T-shirt if she �(have got) it in your size?
6.- If they �(be) here tomorrow, they (try) to go to Susan�s party
7.- �(you/go) to the wedding if she �(send) you an invitation?
8.- If Mark and Sally (cut) the red wire, the bomb (explode)
9.- I (receive) a prize if my composition �(win) the contest
10.- If my boss �(not give) me more work, I (arrive) home early
Choose IF or UNLESS and match each beginning with a suitable ending
1.- She won�t go to work
2.- Will you take part in the race
3.- I won�t be able to visit you tomorrow
4.- The project won�t be ready today
5.- I won�t receive the letter
a.- Sally doesn�t lend me her car
b.- we spend all the evening working on it
c.- she feels better tomorrow
d.- the address is written incorrectly
e.- your bike is ready to be used?