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First Conditional

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First Conditional
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First Conditional

Complete the sentences. Use the first conditional and the verbs below.

GET          RAIN        STAY     COME    NOT SEND     NOT LET      FORGET     NOT UNDERSTAND     FIRE       SPEAK   MISS     BE     GIVE        STUDY      VISIT       PASS           BE          SEE         SEE              LET   

1. If Johnthe train, he late for work.                       
2. If we there too late, they us in.                                               
3. If you  to school on time, we your parents a note.                         
4. If it , we in.
5. If she Tom, she him know.
6. You many interesting places if you  Rome.                              
7. If students  hard, they all the exams.
8. We her if shetoo fast.
9. If the cat thirsty,I  it something to drink.
10. If Jim the appointment, his boss him.