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Healthy habits (Should or shouldn't) worksheet preview
Healthy habits (Should or shouldn't)

Unit 2 7th graders worksheet preview
Unit 2 7th graders

Healthy habits worksheet preview
Healthy habits

Healthy Habits worksheet preview
Healthy Habits

What's wrong with you? (Health problems) worksheet preview
What's wrong with you? (Health problems)

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Healthy habits     Bilingual Unit 2

1. Where do we keep these things?
The  is in the
The  is in the
The  is in the
The  are in the
2. Are these actions good or bad for your health?
 Visiting the dentistīs is  for your health.
  Eating vegetables is  for your health.
 Eating hamburgers is  for your health.
 Making exercise and playing sports is  for your health.
  Washing your hands before meals is  for your health.
3. For keeping healthy you must...
Write a Tick (V) or a Cross (X) next to the picture.
  Eat a piece of fruit everyday.
  Have a bath everyday.
 Visit the doctorīs when you feel sick.
 Eat a lot of sweets and cakes.
 Sleep at least ten hours everyday.
4. Is this healthy? Answer YES or NO.
5. We wash our hands before: