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Solve and Learn ( Parts of Speech )

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Solve and Learn

(Parts of speech)

Q No.1             Read this paragraph and say which word class each underline word belongs to.

Paragraph        (Sabir didn’t go to the café with the other student. Amin told him they were going there, but he wanted to finish his work. Sabir isn’t very sociable. He stays in his room and concentrates totally on his studies. He’s an excellent student, but he doesn’t have much fun.)



    to                                                             sociable           
    café                                                         in                            
    the                                                            and              
    told                                                          totally                
   they                                                           an                
    there                                                      excellent        

    he                                                             but                      

   finish                                                        fun                     



Q No.2             Is the underline word a verb, a noun or an adjective?


    Erum wanted to talk to Rita.                      

 Erum wanted a talk to Rita.                       

    The windows aren’t very clean.                    
    Doesn’t anyone clean the windows?             

We went to a fabulous show in New York.  

Erum wanted to show Rita her photos.        

Henry thought Clair looked beautiful.        

A strange thought came into Erum’s head. 

Sarah is feeling quite tired now.                

Studying all night had tired Sabir out.       

Shall we go for a walk?                              


Best of Luck                        Muhammad SABIR Qureshi