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If sentences/Conditionals (1st and 2nd)

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Example: If you ask me, I will help you.

                If you asked me, I would help you.



a)    If you have any problems,  I  you.

b)    If he is careful, he .

c)    If there is a fire, the alarm .

d)    If you  the problem to them, they would be happy.

e)    If Tom  a better mark next time, his parents would  buy him a new monitor.

f)      If Molly comes to your party, I  with her because she is not my friend.

g)   If Mr Jenkins  us in his garden again,  he will be very angry.

h)    If you left now, you  the train.

i)      If Gina were a little friendlier, people  her better.

j)      If Charlie weren't so shy, he  Susie.

k)    If we , Babs will leave without us.

l)     If I find your glasses, I  them to you.

m)  If he goes out without a jacket, I think he  a cold.

n)    If we  the next match, people won't forgive us.

o)    If it rains, you  an umbrella.

p)    If Mac isn't at home, we  to the cinema without him.

q)     If the wind  stronger, we won't go sailing.