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5 exercises/49 sentences Gerunds/Infinitive and Bare infinitive

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Gerunds and Infinitives
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  1. If you attempt (do)  it one more time, you must think about the consequences!
  2. Does this work involve much (travel)  ?
  3. He begged (not/tell)  his mother.
  4. He does not permit anybody (smoke)  in his house.
  5. He does not resent (be)  laughed at!
  6. He has attempted (pass)  his exam, but unfortunately he fail it.
  7. He should instruct you (do)  this work. It is his responsibility.
  8. He strives (be)  one of the best!
  9. Here you will find all necessary information that will enable you (do)  this kind of work. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate (ask)  me.
  10. I adore (stay)  on my own.
  1. I am longing (see)  you.
  2. I appreciate your (stay)  with me.
  3. I cannot admit (do)  this as it is not my fault.
  4. I cannot delay (sign)  the contract.
  5. I cannot postpone (do)  this work as it does not depend on me.
  6. I cannot resist (eat)  cakes.
  7. I cannot urge them (work)  more quickly as I cannot persuade them (do)  what they do not need (do) .
  8. I claim (enable)  me (do)  this according to our agreement.
  9. I consider it (be)  the most foolish thing you have ever done.
  10. I detest (quarrel)  with people.
  1. I do not feel like (do)  it at once.
  2. I do not understand how you could (dare)  (tell)  him everything.
  3. I have come here to convince you (not/do)  it.
  4. I will definitely refuse (take part)  in this competition.
  5. I will report (see)  him!
  6. I will (try)  (convince)  them (join)  us.
  7. If I enable you (write)  this work, I expect you (do)  it well!
  8. If you fail (do)  this assignment then it means that you have not listened to me, as I have instructed you (enable)  you (do)  it without (have)  any difficulties.
  9. Just imagine (live)  on the island.
  10. She desires (travel)  around the world, but she has to postpone (do)  this as she is short of money.
  1. The sign warned (not/go)  there.
  2. They begged (persuade)  him (help)  them.
  3. They cannot (dare)   (object)  him and that is why they are hesitating (tell)  him the truth.
  4. They claim (have)  enough money and time (finish)   the work on time.
  5. They deserve (be)  awarded as we appreciate their (help)  us.
  6. They failed (pass)  the test as they had not studied enough.
  7. They should not hesitate (tell)  the truth as it is essential.  
  8. They suggest (arrange)  (do)  it as soon as possible.
  9. We are longing (see)  you because we cannot (postpone)   (do)  this work any longer.
  10. We do not intend (argue)  with them.
  1. We should (urge)  them (finish)  all of the work on time.
  2. Why are you hesitating (sign) nthe contract?
  3. Why are you pretending (be)  ill?
  4. Why are you suggesting (delay)  this meeting.
  5. You cannot persuade me (go)  to hospital.
  6. You deserve (stay)  at home.
  7. You forgot (remind)  me (go)  to the dentist!
  8. You should arrange (meet)  them at 4 o’clock.
  9. You should not deny (take)  part in this event.