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Rewrite the sentneces into interrogative add special question (what/when/where/etc)
Be careful, don't forget to put "?" at the end of the sentence/if a sentence contain "I" as a subject it will not be changed into "you". All the articles must be preserved, do not omit them. It is an online exercise and the computer will check it without diffrentiating your spelling mistakes or lack of attention Smile 
1.     It hurts (where)
2.     He is often ill. (why)
3.     I felt ill. (when)
4.     I had a sore throat yesterday. (Why)
5.     You have pain in your stomach. (where exactly)
6.     They have considered it for a long time. (what)
7.     They have had a headache. (How long)
8.      You have insurance. ()
9.     I saw the review. (when)
10.                        She should eliminate the main complaints. (why)
11.                        The aid was essential. (when)
12.                        The approach will be consistent. (when)
13.                        The chart must be filled in. (how)

14.                        The clinician can offer treatment. (where)
15.                        The complaint is serious. (why) 
16.                        The diagnosis of the patient has been determined. (where)
17.                        The pattern is severe. (why)
18.                        The supplement is harmful. (why)
19.                        They can gain very much. (when)
20.                        They could evaluate the situation. (when)