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The First Conditional worksheet preview
The First Conditional

The second conditional worksheet preview
The second conditional

The Second Conditional worksheet preview
The Second Conditional

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The Third Conditional

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First conditional

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The Second Conditional
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We use the second conditional to talk about unreal or hypothetical situations that are unlikely to happen.
The subordinate clause (If-clause) has the verb in the past simple. The main clause has the verb in the conditional form - would + infinitive
"If I studied harder, I would get better results"
"If it stopped raining, I would go for a walk"
"If we won the lottery, we would buy a new car"
"If you didn't drink so much coffee, you would sleep better."
"If I were you, I'd buy that car"
   1. Poor William! Complete the sentences with the correct verb. In the sentences where both was/were are possible, use were:
a) If William  (not/watch) so many horror films, he  (not/be) scared of the dark.
b) If William  (be) braver, he  (not/feel) frightened of thunder and lightning.
c) If William  (not/spend) so much time playing video games, he  (get) better grades at school.
d) If William  (ate) healthier food, he  (not/be) ill so often.
e) If he   (not/be) ill so often, he  (not/miss) so many classes.
f) If his parents  (not/allow) him to drink so much coke, he   (sleep) much better.
g) If William  (sleep) better at night, he  (start) his day with more energy.
h) If he  (start) his day with more energy, he  (do) many more things.
i) If William  (practice) a sport, he  (keep) fit and healthy.
j) If he  (keep) fit and healthy, he  (feel) more confident.
k) If he  (feel) more confident, his self-esteem  (increase).
l) If his self-esteem  (increase), he  (not/have) so many problems to sleep at night.
2. Choose the best option to finish the sentences:
a) If I had an umbrella,
b) If Jane earned enough money,
c) If the weather was better,
d) The teacher would explain the lesson again
e) If I were you,
f) I would go on a diet
g) If I could choose anywhere in the planet to go on holiday,
h) If you found a wallet plenty of money in the street,
i) What would you eat
j) If I had more free time,
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