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If sentences type 1 and 2 (22.02.10)

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Choose the correct answer to finish the sentences.
1. She � very happy if you told her the truth.
����� a)���� will be

b)���� are

c)����� would be

d)���� was

  1. If I had a nice house, I � all my friends.

a)���� would invite

b)���� will invite

c)����� invite

d)���� invited

  1. If I go on holidays, I � my dog.

a)���� take

b)���� would take

c)����� took

d)���� will take

  1. What � you do if you saw a ghost?

a)���� will

b)���� did

c)����� do

d)���� would

  1. Where � you go if she invites you?

a)���� would

b)���� does

c)����� do

d)���� will

  1. Would you take me with you if you � abroad?

a)���� travel

b)���� travelled

c)����� will travel

d)���� would travel

  1. If she � a horror film, she will be very impressed.

a)���� watch

b)���� watches

c)����� will watch

d)���� would watch

  1. John � a mansion if he won the lottery.

a)���� bought

b)���� buys

c)����� will buy

d)���� would buy

  1. If Helen � meat, I will ask her if she is a vegetarian.

a)���� didn�t eat

b)���� won�t eat

c)����� wouldn�t eat

d)���� doesn�t eat

  1. Mary and I would visit interesting places if we � the possibility to do so.

a)���� have

b)���� will have

c)����� would have

d)���� had

  1. John � agree with her if she doesn�t discuss the problem with him.

a)���� wouldn�t�

b) don�t

c) didn�t

d) won�t

  1. If I � dinner she would be very pleased with me.

a)���� cook

b) will cook

c) cooked

d) would cook

  1. If I � not there on time, I�ll miss the train.

a)���� am

b)���� will be

c)����� would be

d)���� was

  1. What � your opinion if they ask you about that issue?

a)���� would be

b)���� be

c)����� is

d)���� will be

  1. Would she care about him if he � her alone?

a)���� leaves

b)���� will leave

c)����� would leave

d)���� left

  1. Tracy � never spend all her money if she works hard.

a)���� will

b)���� would

c)����� don�t

d)���� didn�t

  1. If he � carefully he won�t have an accident.

a)���� drove

b)���� drives

c)����� will drive

d)���� would drive

  1. Louis will sing a song if she � him.

a)���� asks

b)���� asked

c)����� will ask

d)���� would ask

  1. If Harry and Sue � to the cinema, they will go to the theatre.

a)���� won�t go�

b)���� wouldn�t go

c)����� doesn�t go

d)���� don�t go

  1. Grace and Paul � married if they decided it.

a)���� would get

b)���� will get

c)����� got

d)���� get

Choose the correct answer to finish the sentences.

1. If you �to Britain, you �a rich cuisine.

2. If I �some strawberries, I �some strawberry jam.

3. I �new recipes every week if I �more time to cook.

4. If the meat �raw, you �to leave it in the oven for longer.

5. He �any dessert if he �his soup.


Complete with�the correct�form of the�verbs�to finish the sentences.

Use short forms if the sentence�is negative.�

1. If I� (be) you, I would see a doctor first.

2. If I were a model, I� (not / resist) eating chocolate now and then.

3. If she �(eat) an apple instead of apple pie, she will get less calories.

4. We� (have) a picnic tomorrow if it is sunny.

5. If people did sport regularly, they� (not/have) so many health problems.

6. If you help me in the kitchen, I� (give) you a piece of chocolate cake.