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 Choose the correct word.       
If I   wings, I would fly every day. 
I would feel very lonely if I   any friends.
 the homework if you helped me.
Would you live abroad if you  older?
If Peter visits me at the weekend, we  play chess.
Will Susan phone us if she  home before 8?
Complete the sentences with a correct word.     
I would be in panic if I  a snake.
What  you do if you won the lottery?
If I  you, I wouldn't tell him the truth.
If the weather  nice tomorrow, we will go walking.
My son  get a bike if he gets good grades at school.
My parents will let me drive the car if I  have an accident.
Crossword puzzle
4 7

Complete the crossword with the missing words.

1. I would join the team if I ... play football.
2. If I throw a party next month, I ... invite all my friends.
3. You will be late for school if you ... not get up in time.
4. If I were ..., I wouldn't buy that shirt.
5. .... you like to go to the cinema on Friday?
6. I will pay the bill if Susan ... not have enough money on her.
7. What would you do if you ... the president of the country?