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Let's practise: Adverbs

Fill in the correct form of the adverb:

Remember: good – well; hard – hard; fast – fast; late - late Embarrassed Smile Big smile

Anna was singing  .(beautiful)

Don’t eat your lunch so . (fast) It’s not healthy.

Albrecht Dürer painted  . (beautiful)

Mr Hill drives  . (careless)

She did  in her exams. (good)

I opened the door  . (quiet)

Bruce ate dinner  . (fast)

George was shouting  . (angry)

Brad runs  . (slow)

The students worked  for the test. (hard)

The boys won  . (easy)

Tim didn’t do very  in his exam. (good)

Listen  before you answer my questions. (careful)

The boat sank. The people shouted for help  . (loud)

The little child crossed the street  . (safe)

“Excuse me, madam, may I sit here?” the boy asked  . (polite)

Jenny plays the piano  . (good)

My boss came  into my office. (direct)

They  left the theatre. (quick)

He always comes  because he hasn’t got a watch. (late)

She waited in front of the hospital  . (patient)

The boy was hungry – he was eating  . (greedy)

Babs lost her doll. She went home  . (sad)

Can you speak more  , please? (slow)

What have you done? Come here  ! (quick)

Susie is smiling  . (happy) Smile

You did this exercise really  . (good)