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Describing rooms in the house

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Describe this picture

Complete this description choosing the right word

This is a very moden kitchen.   jars on the sink.
 a jar with juice next to the juice maker.
In this picture   refrigerator or  freezer.
 a bread box  the floor.   a lot of bread in the box.
I can see   pots in the cupboard on the top shelf.
There is a  on the floor, it is pink and blue.
  on the shelf  the window.
Now look at this bedroom picture and say True of False

There are some cushions on the floor.

There isn't any plant in this room.
There is a clothes hanger next to the wardrobe.
There are some chairs in the bedroom near the computer.
There is a lamp on the night table just opposite the cusion.
The kid who sleeps in this bedroom probably plays tennis.