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Gerund or Infinitive

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Gerund or Infinitive?
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1.������� Tom has advised �(reread) the story once again.

2.������ We did not attempt�(tell) lies as we knew him very well.

3.������ Martha asked me if I fancied(go) to the party.

4.������ The principal ordered him(stop) (shout).

5.������ The man threatened �(crash) the vase.

6.������ I cannot delay(write) to him any longer.

7.������ He keeps(complain) about different things.

8.������ I regret(not/tell) you earlier.

9.������ I would sooner(write) you.

10.��� He did not dare(tell) what had happened.

11.���� Nobody invited him �(sit) down.

12.��� All of us would prefer�(speak) to each other more than �(write) a test.

13.��� The child begged �(give) his toy back.

14.��� As soon as they had finished �(eat) they went to school.

15.��� I just cannot(persuade) him(tell) the truth.

16.��� You need not(urge) us�(do) it.

17.��� I absolutely adore�(play) the piano.

18.��� He really desires(go) to that country.

19.�� I will manage(persuade) him �(come)

1.��� After a short break they will resume�(work).

2.�� I can�(swim) very well.

3.�� I will not forget�(send) your letter.

4.�� They plan�(finish) �(build) the ground floor this week.

5.�� I want�(talk) to you.

6.�� I can�t help(cry). I am very sad.

7.�� I will help you�(explain) your parents what has happened.

8.�� They cannot �(postpone) �(get) married.

9.�� I have already warned you �(not/do) it ever again.

10.I will better choose �(not/go).

11. You should not �(hesitate) �(tell) me what you might �(need).

12.��� I will certainly help you �(write) this essay.

13.��� Rebecca practices �(play) the piano every other day.

14.��� We wish you �(succeed) in this deal.

15.��� I really appreciate your �(help) me.

16.��� It is good enough�(buy).

17.��� I must �(apologize) for my little brother.

18.��� I usually suggest�(think) hard before �(do) something.

19.�� He claimed �(do) everything according to the deal.

20.��� We hope �(come) on time.