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(Adapted from The Nelson Fist Certificate Course except the paraphrasing and word formation)
                   Paper 3 Part 1
 For questions 1 to 15 read the text below and  decide which answer best fits the space.  There is an example at the     beginning (0).
    Eat your way to victyory!
What is the best food to eat? If you want to (0)  in your chosen sport?  In the past, athletes did not (1)  to their diet, eating (2)  the same as everybody else, perhaps in greater quantities than most people.  Today as a result of scientific research, a huge amount of (3)  is available to help athletes eat the most appropiate foods for the particular foods for the particular sport that they (4)  It is not just a (5)   of what athletes should eat.  The amount of food and the frequency of meals are also important (6) .  it is now generally accepted that marathon runners will (7)  from eating a lot of carbohydrates, such as bread or pasta, about two days before they run.  This  (8) the body to store energy that can then be released during the race.  Because their races (9)  a long time, cyclists need to consume large amounts of liquid and so, surprinsingly, do swimmers.  Apparently, the hot (10)  of a swimming pool can cause swimmers to dehydrate even before their race begins.  For best (11) , each athlete must have an individual nutrition programme, (12)  the needs of the sport and the needs of the individual.  In top-class competitions, the (13)   of the competitiors is very similar.  Eating the right food and having a little more energy than your  (14) could make  the difference between first (15)   and second.
          Paper 3 Part 2
For questions 1 to 15 read the text below and complete the gaps in the text with one word.  Use the words below and seven more. 
Newspapers play a very large part in determining how we form an opinion about people in the public eye.  Although some people (1)   the view that newspapers are objective, many others believe them to be very (2)  in their reporting.  This (3) of objectivity is seen in different parts of the paper - in the reporting of (4)  stories, in feature (5) ,  in cartoons and in the (6)  where the editor of the paper puts foward his opinions. 
Newspapers  need to (7)   money, and they do this in (8)  ways,  by trying to increase the (9) of copies that they sell ( increasing their(10)  figures) and by getting money from the people and companies who pay to advertise in the paper.
In Britain the papers with a (11)  market are the tabloids, which often run sensational stories.  The (12)  papers which people read to (13) up to date with events at home and abroad, have much lower circulation figures, although they also provide (14)  of the latest films and books.  Most daily newspapers have a sport section (15)  the readers find the most interesting section.
         Paper 3 Part 3
For questions 1 to 10 read the text below.  Complete the word given in Capitals to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.  There is an example at the beginning.
Computer Crime
Most people find that computers (0) ABLE  them to do their work with greater (1)  EFFICIENT .  For a few, the attraction of computers lies in the many POSSIBLE  they offer for commiting crimes.  Criminals may use computers to trasfer large sums of money (3) LEGAL .  Amateur computer experts may get a feeling of  (4)EXCITE  by  obtaining secre information.  These   (5)  ACTIVE  may not always receive a lot of (6) PUBLIC   because companies, especially financial institutions, do no want to reveal the (7) WEAK  of their computer system.  Total computer (8) SECURE  is possible but such a system would be expensive to build and  (9) CONVINIENT  to use.  Actually, companies must balance the (10) PROTECT of their system with the ease with which employees can make use of it.
      Paper 3 Part 4
For questions 1 to 8 complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to  the first sentence, using the word given.  Do not change the word given,  You must use between two and five words.
1. The most I smoke in one night is 5 cigarettes. (than)
 cigarettes in one night.
2. The rescue team managed to rescue all the victims of the crash. (in)
The rescue team    all the victims of the crash.
3. I am so sorry I didn't pay you on time. (apologise)
I  you on time.
4. The director decide to introduce interesting displyas for the children. (the)
The director decided on interesting displyas for the children.
5. Angela frequently sang in  pubs. (many)
6. Melany admired the painting very much. (of)
Melany was  the painting.
7. Someone stole Jenny's bracelet as she was leaving for the airport. ( her)
Jenny  as she was leaving for the airport.
8. I advice people on how to throw a good party. (give)
My job is  people on how to throw a good party.