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First Conditional-Part 1

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First Conditional.

Directions: Choose the correct verb tense in each of the following sentences: Wink
a) takes b) will take c) take
a) will call b) called c) call
a) will make b) makes c) make
a) wins b) win c) will win
a) rains b) raining c) will rain
a) will ask b) ask c) asks
a) will lock b) are locking c) lock
a) be b) will be c) am
1.- If Anne goes to the party, she __________ a present.
2.- I _________ the doctor if my stomach still hurts tomorrow.
3.- Laura will do the exercise again if she _______ a lot of mistakes.
4.- If John and David practice a lot, they ________ the game.
5.- I will take my umbrella if it ________ tomorrow.
6.- Alice will marry Peter if he _________ her.
7.- If we go out tonight, we ________ the door.
8.- I will make a sandwich if I __________ hungry.
Directions: Complete the following sentences using the correct form
������������������ of the verb provided.
1. If Robert ___________ (go) to bed late, he __________________ (sleep in).
2.- If he __________ (sleep in), he ______________ (miss) his bus.
3.- If he __________ (miss) the bus, he _____________ (be) late for work.
4.- If he ____________ (be) late for work, his boss ___________ (be) angry.
5.- If Robert's boss ____________ (be) angry, he __________ (fire) him.
6.- If Robert __________ (lose) his job, his girlfriend _________ (get) upset with him.
7.- If Robert's girlfriend __________ (get) upset again, she _________ (break up) with him.
8.- If she _________ (break up) with him, he __________ (be) lonely.
9.- IF Robert __________ (feel) lonely, he _________ (call)�some friends.
10.- If Robert _________ (call) his friends, they _________ (ask) him to their party.
11.- If Robert ________ (go) to the party, he _________ (drink) too much beer.
12.- If Robert __________ (drink) too much beer, he _________ (need) a ride home.
13.- If Robert ___________ (need) a ride home, he ________ (have to) to stay until the end.
14.- If Robert _________ (stay) until the end of the party, he _______ (get) home vey late.
15.- If Robert _________ (get) home late, he ________ (go) to bed late.
��������������������� And you know what will happen if Robert goes to bed late again!