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Timīs House

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Read the story and click the correct images.

Tim Robbins and his family live in Bristol, in Great Britain. They have got a big yellow house with a garden. Their neighbours, the Browns, have got a big blue house with a grey roof, but they haven't got a garden.

1. Which is Tim's house?

In the house there are five rooms downstairs and five rooms upstairs. Downstairs there's a big green living room with a blue sofa. The Robbins haven't got a television in the living room, because the tv is in the kitchen.

2. Which is Tim's sitting room?

Downstairs there's also a study. In the study there's mum's favourite armchair. She usually reads a book on that armchair and her dog, Toby, sits near her. Tim likes cats, but his parents love dogs... so Toby is their pet!

3. Which is mum's favourite armchair?

Upstairs there are the bedrooms: Tim's bedroom is in the shades of blue and there's a green wardrobe in it. Tim's toys are always on the pavement! Tim's parents have got an orange bedroom with black furniture.

4. Which is Tim's bedroom?

Next to Tim's bedroom there's Julia's bedroom. Julia is Tim's little sister. She's only three years old. Her favourite toy is her teddybear: Poncho.