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Third Conditional

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Second Conditional

Put the verb into the correct form.
  1. If I � his number, I would phone him. (know) �
  2. If I��to go to�the party, I wouldn't go. (not/want)
  3. I�� that coat if I were you. (not/buy)��
  4. If she� a car she would go out in the evenings. (have)
  5. If you� more attention in meetings, you'd know what was going on. (pay)
  6. If Susan� harder, she would be better at school. (study)
  7. If I �some money I would go on a round-the-world-tour next year. (win)
  8. If she �a young woman, she�would be able to walk faster.��
  9. If farmers in developing countries� a decent price for their produce, they would be able to build a better future for thei family, community and country. (give - Passive Voice)
  10. If you� the dishes, I would cook dinner tonight. (wash) �