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If the dead could talk!

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If the Dead Could Talk!
Multiple choice quiz about famous dead people
1- Who was Norma Jean Baker?
a) Marylin Monroeb)Princess Dianac)Mother Teresad)Jackie Onassis
 This is an artist's impression of what she would look like today if she was alive.
2-Where was Adolf Hitler born?
a)West Germany b)Austria c)East Germany d)Germany
 This picture was taken last week. Just kidding this another 'what if' artist's impression.
3-At what age did Bruce Lee die?
a) 42    b)32    c)52    d)22
"Don't think, Feel. It's like a finger pointing to the moon, don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all that heavenly glory." From Enter The Dragon. Another atrist's impression of how Bruce Lee would have aged.
4-If he hadn't died in 1977, how old would Elvis Presley be now(2010)?
a)85    b)95    c)75    d)65
 He's all shook up. No wonder he's been working in a chip shop for 33 years.
5-Which is NOT a Michael Jackson song?
a)Billie Jean    b)Beat it    c)Ben    d)ABC
  Love him or hate him the man oozed talent. Well the man oozed anyway...
6-In what year did Princess Diana die?
a)1997    b)1996    c)1998    1999
  Beautiful, gifted, and the symbol of a nation. What a shame.
Each of the above individuals changed the world by being part of it. For better or worse, one thing cannot be denied, their lives touched millions of people.
Enjoy the Quiz!