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Conditional sentences

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Here you have a series of sentences. Fill in the gaps with the three conditional tenses. The number in brackets will tell you the�kind of conditional�you have to use.
1. If you �(give) me money, I �(buy) some bread. (1st)
2. If you �(lend)�Megan your pen, she �(lend)you her rubber. (2nd)
3. Someone �(die) if the sheriff �(shoot). (3rd)
4. If you �(not throw) the newspaper to the garbage, I �(read) it. (3rd)
5. She� (go) to visit Peter if he� (be) in hospital. (2nd)
6. Mum �(forget) about the meeting if you �(not remind) her. (1st)
7. If she �(write) a letter to Matthew, he �(be) very happy. (2nd)
8. If Caroline �(dream) of you, she �(tell) you. (3rd)
9. She �(find) a solution if she �(think) about the problem. (2nd)
10. I �(buy) you a present if I �(know) it was your birthday. (3rd)
11. We �(not go) to the cinema if it �(rain). (1st)
12. If the child �(steal) money, his father �(get) very angry. (2nd)
13. If�my sister �(understad) my situation, she �(not tell)�me such awful things. (2nd)
14. �I �(show) you the dress if you �(not be) so impolite. (3rd)
15. If Sam �(wake up) early, he �(see) the sunrise. (1st)
16. Your neighbour �(wait) for you if you �(be) punctual. (1st)
17. If they �(be) good doctors, they �(give) you a good advice. (2nd)
18. Mike �(phone) me if he �(know) I was in town. (3rd)
19. If Martha�(sing) in the shower, you �(not sleep) at all. (1st)
20. We �(not dig) a hole if you �(not help) us. (1st)
21. Unless William �(cook), we �(not have) lunch today. (1st)
22. If I �(see) my sister, I �(go) shopping with her. (3rd)
23. If Julie �(read) more, she �(be) a very cultivated woman. (2nd)
24. Patricia �(travel) to Paris if she �(win) the lottery. (1st)
25. John �(pay) the bill if you �(not have) any money. (3rd)
26. Unless Lars �(phone) Laura, she �(not come) to his party. (1st)
27. If Paula �(run) for two hours, she �(feel) exhausted. (3rd)
28. If Barry �(grow) potatoes, I �(sell) them in the market. (2nd)
29. If the tourists �(leave) their bags outside, the thieves��(steal) them. (3rd)
30. If we �(spend) all of our money, we �(be) poor. (2nd)
31. If Thomas �(study) more, he �(pass) the exam. (3rd)
32. Anna �(go) to school if her mother �(tell) her to. (1st)
33. If the boy �(drink) milk, he �(be) taller. (2nd)
34. You �(not be) tired now if you �(sleep) all night. (2nd)
35. I �(sleep) more if the children �(allow) me to. (3rd)
36. Hillary �(not phone) her granny if her father �(not tell) her to. (1st)
37. Unless he �(go) to the doctor, we �(not know) what's wrong with him. (1st)
38. He �(go) to prison unless the thief �(tell) the truth. (3rd)
39. If you �(make) a cake, �you �(tell) me? (2nd)
40. I �(spread)the butter on your bread if you �(not be) so busy watching the TV. (3rd)
41. I �(listen) to you if you��(speak) clearly. (1st)
42. If my�sister �(leave) our house, we �(be) very sad. (2nd)
43. Unless they �(invite) Daniel, he �(not go) to the wedding. (1st)
44. If I �(eat) potatoes, I �(fall) ill. (3rd)
45. She �(reach) the seaside in a few minutes if she �(swim) faster. (2nd)
46. I �(go) to the cinema with you if you �(want). (1st)
47. You �(not tell) everybody my secret if you a good friend. (3rd)
48. If my father �(send) flowers to my mother, she �(not be) surprised at all. (1st)
49. If you �(begin) doing the exam earlier, you �(finish) by now. (3rd)
50. If you �(learn) something by doing these sentences, your teacher �(be) very happy. (2nd)