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1) There will be a few changes around in the office.
The boss announced that    in the office.
2) They will have to take a taxi to get there in time. (need)
They  in time
3) You ought to write to your parents more often. (better)
You  more often.
4) You weren't careful, so you made so many mistakes (had)
If   so many mistakes.
5) You shouldn't listen to anything she says.
If  anything she says.
6)I am almost sure there was a party at the neighbors' last night. (must)
There  last night.
7) Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Are    tomorrow?
8) He seems well-educated, however  he's not very bright. (Although)
9) He drank a cup of tea.  He felt dizzy afterwards. 
10) He doesn't write to me as frequently as I wanted.
I wish
11) They broke into a warehouse last night.  (was)
12) I was not paying attention to the screen so I accidentally deleted some important file on my computer. (Because)
13) I am so sorry I broke your favourite cup.
She apologized
14) "I don't have enough time", he complained.
He complained
15) It was Mary who stole money.
He accused
16) "I completely forgot!" he admitted.
He admitted
17) The new manager seems to be a very capable woman.  I met her last week (who)
The new manager  a very capable woman.
18) They repaired my watch last week.  (Had)
 last week.
19) Susan has less energy than Mia. (as)
Mia doesn't Susan.
20)  Peter has more cars than Joe. (as)
Joe doesn't  Peter