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Adjective and Noun or Verb and Adverb?

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�Adverbs and adjectives�

A. The following words in the table are adjectives or nouns.� Use an� adjective and a noun to complete each sentence.

Black�job�expensive�old�vacation�dangerous �interesting�hotels�sharp�long�clouds�serious� photograph�problem�knife�person�air�fresh�
1.���� Look at those� in the sky!� It's going to rain.
2.���� She works very hard and she's very tired.� She needs a �.
3.���� I enjoy talking to her.� She's an �.
4.���� This is an� of Tom�; he looks very different now.
5.���� I have a�; I hope you can help me.
6.���� I need a� to cut these onions.
7.���� They have a lot of money; they always stay at� .
8.���� Fire fighting is a �.
9.���� Can you open the window?� We need some �.
B.� Choose a verb and an adverb from the list to complete these sentences.
1.��������� I'm going to say something very important, so please� to me �.
2.��������� John! I need your help.� !
3.��������� I've met him but I don't� him very� .
4.��������� They� .� At the end of the day they're always tired.
5.��������� I'm tired this morning.� I didn't� last night.
6.��������� You're much a better tennis player than me.� When we play, you always� .
7.���������� before you answer the question.
8.��������� Our teacher isn't very good.� He doesn't� things very �.

C.� Circle the right word.

  1. I opened the door �.
  2. Why are you� ?� I haven't done anything.
  3. Bill is a� driver.�
  4. He drives� .
  5. Can you please repeat that� ?
  6. Come on, Dan!� Why are you always so� ?
  7. The party was very� .� I enjoyed it very much.
  8. Tom didn't do very� on his exam.
  9. Jane is studying� for her exams.
  10. �Where's Mary?�� �She was here but she left� .�
  11. I met them a long time ago, so I don't remember them very� .
  12. Don't eat your dinner so� .� It is not good for you.
  13. Those oranges look� .� Can I have one?
  14. I don't want to work for that company.� They pay their workers very� .
  15. Please be� .� I'm reading.