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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Read and answer:

Choose the correct answer:                                    

1.     The toy shop is small.                                                     


2.    The toy shop is near the school. 

3.    Mr. Sharon has many games in his shop.                                                                    


4.    Mr. Sharon is not a nice man.


5.  Dan and Tom like to look at the dolls.  







Write the correct question word:

1.    do the boys like the shop?                   because Mr.Sharon is a nice man.


    2.  is the toy shop?                                 It is near their house.
    3.  is five years old?                                 Rita is five years old.

    4.  is on the shelf?                                  There are some big airplanes.

5.  is Anna?                                           She is seven years old. 

   6.      do the kids come to the shop ?           in the afternoon


Fill in the correct word:


1.    My friend has many computer.

    2.   There are many beautiful in Mr. Sharon’s shop.

3.   I like to at my new house. It is very nice.

    4.   My little sister has a doll.

5.   My books are on the .

    6.   Look at the picture! These are my .
Watch the video and listen to the song.
You can learn more toy words here. Enjoy!
What are your favorite toys?


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