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Gerund or Infinitive

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Gerund or infinitive
Gerunds are often used when actions are real,concrete, completed
   e.g.I remember seeing her at the party.(She was at the party and I saw her)
Infinitives  are often used when actions are unreal,abstract and future.
   e.g.Don't forget to buy some fruit for the evening(When you are coming remember and then  buy some fruit)

Some verbs  take gerund  or infinitive forms with a  difference in meaning

1 stop to do:pause and then do something
   stop doing:not continue
2 forget to do:not remember
   forget doing:you didn't do   something now you remember it
3 regret to do:feel sorry to give bad news
  regret doing:fell sorry for what you did in the past
4 try to do:make an effort to do something
  try doing:do something to see if it has an effect,try something new
5 remember to do:remember something and then do it
   remember doing:soemthing happened in the past and now you remember it
1 Kids!Please stop noise.I am trying to concantrate.
2 Ezgi:I have a terrible headache.
  Zeynep:Why don't you try  ?
3 I will never forget  that terrible accident.
4 Do you remember your best friend for the first time?
5 I regret to you,but you've failed your English exam.
6 You should stop her.She is a great liar.
7 Last night Melike tried hard the car,but she couldn't.
8 Don't forget  bread on your way home.
9 Let's stop  a drink.I know a good pub on the corner.
10 I clearly remember  her.She looked great in her suit.
11 Why don't we stop  homework and play some computer games?
12 If you see Nazlı,remember   her to the party.
13 I can't make a cake.I remember  one many years ago.It was as hard as a rock.
14 You should try  your best.I know  you can do much better.
15 I don't remember  Hicran.She is a total stranger to me.
16 When we arrived in Venice,we stopped Sinem.She was so glad to see us.
17 Onur tried hard  the exam,but he couldn't.
18 We stopped  some souveniers,but no shops were open.
19 Now she  regrets  my proposal,but it's too late.
20 Yes Sevde,you may go to your friend's house.But try  late.
21 He stopped and started wrestling.
22 I always remember  the door when I go out.
23 It is a very busy restaurant.Don't forget
24 Oh my god!I forgot  the cat.
25 Ilyas:I can't sleep.
     Duygu:You should try  sheep.
26:I tried to  my wallet everywhere,but I couldn't.