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Infinitive or gerund

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Infinitive or -ing?

A. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box

  speak   fetch   get     forget  blame   buy   take
  go        worry   visit   keep    insult   start  bite
1.  They soon got accustomed to  exams.
2.  I warned him  away from her.
3.  The students were discouraged from  Greek in class.
4.  There's no point in  him for it.
5.  He suggested  a new business.
6.  I made the dog  the ball.
7.  We finally succeeded in  two tickets for the concert.
8.  It was very careless of you  her birthday.
9.  We had better  her in hospital.
10. It's very easy to do, so stop  !
11. They agreed to her  with us.
12. She can't afford  the dress.
13. Why did you let him  you?
14. Have you finished  your nails?
         B. Complete the sentences with a suitable verb
1.  Could you please stop  so much noise?
2.  The phone rang while Ann was having dinner. She didn't answer it. She just carried on .
3.  The thief got into the house because I forgot  the window.
4.  I've arranged  tennis tomorrow afternoon.
5.  One day I'd like to learn  an aeroplane.
6.  Why do you keep on  at me like that?
7.  I don't enjoy  letters.
8.  Why hasn't Sue arrived yet? She promised not  late.
9.  Our neighbour threatened  the police if we didn't stop the noise.
10. Jill has decided not  a car.
       C. Choose the correct verb
1.  I can't  wondering why he did that.
2.  He  us to book our tickets in advance.
3.  Do you  dancing on the beach?
4.  I  hearing from you.
5.  We  going to Spain next year.
6.  They  us to play in the garden.
7.  She  me to post the letter.
8.  I  to inform you that you haven't passed the exam.
9.  Sean  to keep up with us because of his bad leg.
10. You  explain the rules to her.
      D. Choose the correct option
1.  I can't get used to  alone.
2.  Their names sounded familiar but I couldn't remember  them.
3.   you the truth, I don't agree with you.
4.  It's no use  to ignore him.
5.  I remembered  the door before I left but I forgot  the windows.
6.  I've got a terrible headache. I tried  an aspirin but it didn't help.
7.  Tom used to  a lot of beer when he was a student.
8.  I'm the boss. I'm not used to  told what to do.
9.  Having reached the top of the hill we stopped  the view.
10. Eventually you will have to stop  so many sweets.