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Would rather

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1.���� We would rather you �(allow) us to stay than �(show) where the nearest hotel is.

2.��� He would rather �(save) up than �(spend) all his money.
3.��� We would rather �(read) the article now by ourselves than �(listen) to your retelling.

4.��� They would rather she �(make) her own mistakes in her test tomorrow than �(do) the work for her.
5.��� They would rather I�(shovel) the snow on my own, than �(help) me.

6.��� She would rather �(make) her own exercises than �(use) the ones that are wrongly made.
7.��� The boy would rather his teacher �(give) him a bad mark than �(flatter) to her all along.
8.��� My mother would prefer���(send) me to study abroad rather than �(waste) my time on inferior education.
9.��� The students would rather �(study) the same thing over and over again than �(get) bad marks in their tests.
10. The pilot would rather the terrorists �(get) what they demanded than �(threaten) the passengers.