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1st & 2nd Conditionals

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1st conditional: if + Present Simple � Future Simple
������������������������������������������������������������� may + infinitive
����������������������������������������������������������� � can + infinitive
����������������������������������������������������������� � imperative
2nd conditional: if�+ Past Simple � would / could / might + infinitive
Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs given to make the first conditional.
  1. If you to the party, you will see Mary. (go)
  2. The children happy, if their mother allows them to go to the party. (be)�
  3. If i win the lottery,I a big house. (buy)
  4. My mother will be angry if i home late. (come)
  5. If it , we can have a picnic. (not rain)
  6. If you Tom, please tell him to call me. (see)
  7. If Jane all her exams, her parents will be very pleased. (pass)
  8. if you ask her? (she come)
  9. If Andrew hard, he will meet the deadline. (work)
  10. We may go to the beach, if the weather good. (be)
Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs given to make the�second conditional.
  1. If i you, i would go to the doctor. (be)
  2. If Mary had insurance, she pay for the damage to her car. (not have to)
  3. If Scott the answer, he would help me. (know)
  4. If Mary wore smarter clothes, she �more attractive. (look)
  5. �to his party if he invited you? (you go)
  6. You �fatter if you ate cuips every day. (get)
  7. If you �more time, would you exercise more? (have)
  8. If�he �so carefully, i would trust him to give me a lift. (not drive)
  9. If we �tickets, we would go to the concert. (find)
  10. Jesicca �angry if you told her the truth. (not be)
Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs given to make either the first or�the�second conditional.
  1. Will she come if Jason �her? (call)
  2. If Sarah were rich, she �in an expensive hotel. (stay)
  3. If he , i will never speak to him again. (not apologise)
  4. If Dad �the TV set, we will be able to watch our favourite programme. (fix)
  5. If i were you, i �to her more politely. (speak)
  6. If Sue �her key, she would have to stay to her grandparents'. (lose)
  7. I �meet you if i don't finish my homework. (meet)
  8. If Zack �harder, he will passhis driving test. (try)
  9. If you �so impolite, i would enjoy your company. (not be)
  10. Tom will be amazed if you �him the picture you drew. (show)
tip: use the short form in negative sentences.