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It would not have happened if...

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It wouldn't have happened if �

Connect these sentences using if-clauses type III.
Example: Beth lost Ben�s CDs. He was angry.

If Beth had not lost Ben�s CDs, he would not have been angry.

1. George was very lazy. He failed his exam.��If George �lazy,�he��his exam.

2. My parent�s old car broke down. They had to buy a new one. If�my parent's old car �down, they �to buy a new one.

3. Marian was extremely intelligent. She passed the exam. If Marian extremely intelligent, she the exam.

4. Mary did not drive too fast. She�avoided the accident. If Mary� too fast, she� the accident.

5. The wolves were hungry. They attacked the moose. If the wolves �hungry, they �the moose.

6. The burglar made a mistake. He was caught by the police. If the burglar �a mistake, he by the police.

7. The baby was still sleeping. The rest of the family had to be quiet. If the baby sleeping, the rest of the family to be quiet.

8. Paul did his math homework in the bus. It was full of mistakes. If Paul �his math homework in the bus, it full of mistakes.

9. Julie did not�lock her bike. It was stolen. If Julie her bike, it .

10. The sun was shining. Susan and John went for a walk. If the sun shining, Susan and John for a walk.