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people and places 2

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PEOPLE and PLACES (part 2)

1) LOOK AT the room and COMPLETE with: There is/There are/There isn't/There aren't
    CHOOSE the correct preposition too!
LOOK! This is my bedroom. It's neat and tidy.  a bed  the wall.  two shelves  the wall.  an old trunk  the bed.  some balls and a racket  the trunk.  a cupboard  my bed.  a window  the cupboard.  some pictures and medals  the shelves.  cushions and a teddy bear  my bed.  any toys on the floor.  a book on my bed or under my bed.  a bookcase   my bedroom!
 a colorful rug  the floor. I love my bedroom!
2) CHOOSE the correct option to complete the sentences.
  • My mum  gardening but she  housework.
  • I sometimes  cakes but I  cookies.
  • My grandparents  books but they  magazines.
  •  you live in the country? No, I
  • Where  your sister  ? She  in a big city.
  • We sometimes  shopping but my cousin always  to the mall.
  •  there any books on your bed? No,  
  •  there a dog between the chairs? Yes,  !
  •  you like cooking? Yes, I do.