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Year 8 Unit 5 Growing Up Vocabulary Quiz

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Year 8 Unit 5: Growing Up
Vocabulary Quiz

Part 1

write the correct word in the box.����

adult, attitude, behavior, ceremony, change, characteristic, critical, elderly, middle-aged, minimum

1.������ : n. person who is no longer a child

2.����� : n. the smallest amount

3.������ : adj. polite word for old

4.������ : n. someone�s behavior is how they act

5.����� : n. a typical or noticeable quality of someone or something

6.����� : v. to make or become different, or to exchange one thing for another thing

7.������ : n. a formal event

8.������ : adj. saying that someone or something is bad or wrong

9.������ : n. a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving caused by this

10.�� : adj. at a point in your life before you become old; mid forties to late fifties

Part 2

differ, effect, ideal, pensioner, permission, prepare, similar, teenager, toddler, unusual

1.������ : n. someone who has reached the age where they can no longer work

2.������ : v. to be different or not the same

3.������ : adj. different from others of the same type, not ordinary

4.������ : adj. having principles or ways of behaving that are of a very high standard

5.������ : n. someone between 13 and 19 years of age

6.������ : n. when you are allowed to do something

7.������ : v. to get something ready to be used in the near future

8.������ : adj. looking alike or being almost, but not exactly, the same

9.������ : n. a child who has just learned how to walk

10.� �� : v. the result of a particular influence