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My family worksheet preview
My family

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Family test

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Lucy's family

My family worksheet preview
My family

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Bob's Family Tree

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1. Encode the secret message with writing the correct words into the gaps.
Hello, I am Lisa. You can see my   here, going shopping. She married my   15 years ago. We live in a nice   with my elder   and my baby   who are 14 and 3 years old. My grandparents often visit us. My   always brings us cakes and my   plays with us in the  . We like sitting in the   under our favourite   and looking at the   which we planted together in spring. We also have an old wooden   which we like to play with when the   is shining. There is a   to the road but we mustn't open it.
2. Solve the crossword.
2 4
3 7
1. Your mother's mother.
2. The father of your brother's father.
3. Your mother's husband.
4. Your brother's daughter.
5. Across: The boy who is more aged than you, is
                 your .....................brother.
5. Down: Your father's brother.
6. Your mother's sister.
7. Your sister's son.
8. Your husband's male child from a previous
9. The child of your parents' brother or sister.