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1st Conditional Statements

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1st Conditional Statements

A. �B. �C.
If1 I2 get3 an A grade, then4 I5 will6 go7 dancing.
If1 he2 becomes3 rich, then4 he5 will6 buy7 a mansion.
If1 she2 wins3 this game, then4 she5 will6 win7 the match.
1. �+ 2. �+ 3. �, + 4. �+ 5. �+ 6. �+ 7.
Controlled Practice:
Match the If clauses with their endings.
1. If I get married,��������������������������� A. I will sell the old one.
2. If I buy a new computer,������������� B. I will go somewhere warm.
3. If I go on vacation,�����������������������C. we will go to the party together.
4. If you are free next Friday night,��D. I will go on a honeymoon in Vegas.
5. If you help me,����������������������������E. I will help you.
Free Practice:
Write or discuss endings to the following If clauses:
1. If I find a wallet on the ground today,
2. If my cell phone breaks,
3. If I get sick tomorrow,
4. If I get home early today,
5. If I can't sleep tonight,