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If-clauses type 1, 2, 3

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If she�got a job, she (stop) being homeless.

They (distribute) available hours if enterprises had agreed.

If we reduce unemployment, everybody (live) better.

If he (not be) unemployed, he�would have�a place to live.

They�would pay the�rent, if they (not loose) their jobs

You will be ill if you� (eat) so much.

If you wait he (come)

If you�(ring) the bell, the servant�would have come

If the children�(be) good, they�would have�stayed up late.

If the beggar�(ask) for money, you won't give him any.

If you�had bought that big house, you� (not have) money to pay it.

�If you�put the parcel� on the table, the boy� (post) it for you.