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Adverbs of Frequency II

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Adverbs of Frequency worksheet preview
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Adverbs of frequency worksheet preview
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1. Choose the correct option:
a) My sister  to class.
b) Our parents  until late on Mondays.
c) I .
d) My classmates  and their grades are excellent!
e) Our school  in the afternoons. So we can visit the library.
f) My best friend  because his grades are not very good.
g) We . We prefer novels.
h)  books in English?
i)  to rock concerts?
2. Write the adverb in the correct position and match with a picture:
a) I get a lot of presents for Christmas. (always) .
b) We start our lessons at eight o'clock. (usually) .
c) My little sister has a yoghurt after lunch. (sometimes) .
d) My parents listen to jazz. (hardly ever) .
e) I forget my keys. (often) .
f) Peter and Mary go dancing on Saturdays. (never) .
3. Choose the correct sentence:
 Annie is usually quite cheerful.
 Annie usually is quite cheerful.
 Annie is quite cheerful usually.
 Our younger brother doesn't come often to the cinema with us.
 Our younger brother doesn't often come to the cinema with us.
 Our youger brother often doesn't come to the cinema with us.
 Peter is hardly ever punctual.
 Peter is punctual hardly ever.
 Peter is hardly ever punctual.
 We usually listen to music in our bedroom.
 Usually we listen to music in our bedroom.
 We listen to music usually in our bedroom.
 How often you go to the dentist?
 How usually do you go to the dentist?
 How often do you go to the dentist?
 Our parents are never at home before six.
 Our parents never are at home before six.
 Our parents are at home never before six.
4. Ask questions with HOW OFTEN or DO YOU EVER for the following answers:
Example: Yes, I usually go shopping ....................... Do you ever go shopping?
a) Yes, I sometimes listen to classical music.
b) I have English classes three times a week.
c) We never drive that old car.
f) No, Anne doesn't often visit her aunt.
g) Lucas usually phones his best friend.
h) I am never late to work.
i) No, he never eats broccoli.
5. Which of the following sentences are correct?
 How often does your sister go to France?
 We often don't visit our grandparents. They live too far away from here.
 Alice is never here when her parents arrive.
 Does Anne ever listen to pop music?
 Does Robert go ever to the cinema with his brothers?
 We usually are tired at the end of the day.
 Peter and Alice sometimes phone us before dinner.
 The girls in my class hardly ever do their homework.