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Ex. 1. Fill in the words with the missinf letters.

1 †† Teenagers and m d e - g people often donít understand each other.

2 †† Sueís e r brother is very handsome.

3 †† Melanieís got a new b f n . His nameís Peter.

4 †† Where can I take Olivia on a _ _ t _ ?

5 †† Iíd like to go to Venice on my hy††† m .

6 †† My uncle and aunt have just had a baby. Heís my first c s .

7 †† My dad got married for a second time. I really like my new s p† m .

8 †† I had a great birthday and got lots of p s . †

9††† Children and a l often donít understand each other.

10††† Where did you g up?

11††† Nigelís got a new g †f n . Her nameís Paula.

12††† My mumís got two brothers so Iíve got two u l .

13††† All four of my g n d r are still alive.

14††† My sister is getting married soon. The w d will be on July 14th.

15†† My mum got married for a second time. I really like her new h b .

16†††Itís very important to s d a lot of time with your children.

Ex. 2. Fill in the sentences with the given words.
††††††††††††Some words are given extra, you do NOT need to uuse them.

get††††††† go††††††† have††††††† make††††††† meet††††††† play††††††† take

††† 1 †† Do you want to cards?
††††††2††† I'll†† dressed after I've had my breakfast.

2 †† Youíre not going anywhere now! your bed first.

3 †† I have to my homework before I can watch TV.

4†† a rest and finish your work later.

6††† Letís †breakfast now.

7††† I canít talk now. I have to the kids to school.

8 †† I usually up at 7am.

9†† Why donít we †swimming this weekend?

10††† Are you going to your friends today?

Ex. 3. Fill in the spaces with the missing letters to make words.
††††††††††† First letters were given.
††††† 1 †† If a child has no parents, he or she may be a by different parents.

2 †† The daughter of your brother or sister is your n.

3 †† Your parents, brother, sister, uncles, aunts etc are your r.

4 †† When someone dies, other people go to their f .

5 †† The differences in opinions and ideas between older and younger people is the g† †g.

6 †† A man who is getting married is a g.

7 †† If two people disagree about something, they might have an a about it.

8††† If a child has no parents, he or she is an o.

9††† The son of your brother or sister is your n.

10††† If two children are born together, they are t.

11††† Iíve just got married. I get on very well with my mother and father i- l

12†† The person you are engaged to is your f .

13††† A woman who is getting married is a b.

14††† If you havenít got any brothers or sisters, you are an o c.