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A. Complete the pairs of sentences with one word from the box. Use one as a verb and the other as a noun or vice versa. Make any necessary changes:


face     fly        care        address        break        draw

1. The boy usually  her mum in low tones.                                       

2. I went to her  but nobody was home.

3. We accidentally  the radio last night.

4. I like television channels without commercial .

5. Handle that crystal bowl with , please!

6. Once inside, we didn’t  whether it rained or not.

7. He  a map of the area yesterday for me not to get lost.

8. Yesterday’s match ended in a . Nobody won.

9. We saw many new  on the first day of classes.

10. You should  the problems and don’t be so pessimistic.

11. A kite  above the playground every day.

12. I complained to the waiter because there was a  in my soup.

B. Decide whether the words in bold are verbs or nouns and choose the most appropriate option to complete the second part of the pair of sentences:


1. We hope that our children will be successful.

2. My  is that prices will fall and I get a job this year.  

   3. Turning his back on me was a deliberate insult.

4. He  her by telling her she was not only ugly but stupid too

   5. The newly married couple  at the end of the wedding ceremony.

6. I put my arms around her and gave her a kiss.

   7. Can you give me your telephone number?

8. We must  the names of the great mathematicians.

   9. I'll post the news on the bulletin board.

10.          If you go down to town, could you bring me the ? I’m waiting for an important letter.

   11.          I love to watch the rain from my room window.

12.          I don’t usually go out when it  in my town.

   13.          My father goes to work by car.

14.          He  in a restaurant.

15.          I can’t stand the  of boiled cauliflowers.

16.          This cake smells of orange.                                     

                           WELL DONE!