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Condionals (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

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First Conditional Practice

1. Complete the sentences.

      * If I  (get) a bad grade, my          *My parents  (let) me out         *If she  (eat) too much ice cream,
     father  (be) mad a t me              if I  (mow) the garden.                      she  (get) fatter than she now is.
        * If mum (arrive) earlier         * We  (pass) the year               * You  (be) strong enough if
         I (be) happier.                         if we   (study) hard                   you  (exercise) properly. 

Second Conditional Practice
2. Choose the right option to complete the sentences.
       * If I  to France,                  *If they money, they                 * I to the disco   
        I  Paris                                probably   a new car.                        if I a little taller and older.
        * If he rich,                                                                                             *If my sister  a ghost, she                       
         he  her.                                                                                                       and scream.

Third Conditional Practice

3. Complete the sentences.

             I have an excellent grade                                    I am not a pianist                                           They went to the party
* If I
(study) all night,        *If he (assit) to all his                         *If they to the party they
 I (get) an excellent grade.     classes, he (be) a pianist.       (enjoy) themselves.             

                       I am lost                                              I didn't play the final.                                             The dog bit Mr Smith
 * If I (take) the bus, I                He (play) the final                  *The dog (bite) Mr Smith
(get)  lost, for sure.       if he (break)his leg.                        If I   (keep) him inside.     


Good Luck!