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Parts of the House

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A. Before you :What parts  of the house are these?
 1. This is the  kitchen                2. This is the  stairs                    3. This is the  bathroom
                        dinning room                            bathroom                                    bedroom
                        bedroom                                   living room                                 baby's bedroom
B. While you : Number the rooms in the order you see
                                them in the video.
Stairs  (1)                      Living room                Dinning room            
Kitchen                      Upstairs                     Bart's bedroom     
Homer's bedroom     Bathroom                  Baby's bedroom        
Lisa's bedroom          Downstairs (10) 
C. After you : Where in the house are the Simpsons?
   1. Lisa dances and watches TV in the .
  2. Homer and Marge are on their bed in the .
 3. Homer cleans the teeth in the .
 4. All the simpsons are in the .
 5. Bart, Lisa and Maggie eat lunch in the .
 6. Bart is  in his bedroom.
 7. The family cars are outside the .
D. Type the parts of the house.
1. I sleep on my bed in my .
2. My mom cooks lunch in the .
3. I watch TV and sit on the sofa in the .
4. Our car is in the .
5. I clean my teeth or have a bath in the .
 6. The kitchen and the living room are downstairs, and all the bedrooms
     and bathrooms are .
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