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People & Relationships

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People & Relationships

A Love Story

You are going to make up a love story but first you will have to:

a) Revise some nouns used to talk about different types of people.

b) Revise some verbs which are used to talk about relationships.

c) Investigate what happened to the characters in a love story.

d) Summarize Charles and Diana's love story.

Nouns: Types of people

1. These are some names given to different types of people according to their personality. Complete the definitions with the appropriate noun.

Bully / Loner / Romantic / Eccentric / Hypocrite / Joker / Bighead / Liar / Genius / Geek /  Bore / Flirt

·         A is someone who likes to spend a lot of time alone.

·         A  is someone who behaves as if he or she is attracted to someone.

·         A  is an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity.

·         A  is a person who thinks that they are more important or more clever than they really are.

·         A   is someone who likes to frighten weaker people.

·         A  a person who is not very interesting to be with.

·         An  is someone who behaves in an eccentric way.

·         A a person who tells lies.

·         A  is a person who thinks a lot about love and does and says things that show strong feelings of love for someone.

·         A  is a person who has natural ability or skill, especially in a particular area such as science or art.

·         A is someone who often tells jokes.

·         A  is someone who says they have particular moral beliefs but behaves in way which shows these are not sincere.

Verbs : A love story

2. This could happen in a love story. Write the correct verb under each picture. 

Fall in love / Go out / Get on well / Introduce / Ask out / Have an argument / Split up / Cheat


 3. This could be the summary of a love story. Complete the sentences with these prepositions.

With / On / Out / To


  • The boy introduced the girl another boy.
  • This boy fell in love the girl.
  • The boy asked the girl .
  • The girl went out the boy.
  • The boy got on well the girl.
  • The girl cheated the boy.
  • The boy finished the girl. They split up.

 4. You have to visit this website to answer the following questions about a famous couple.

When did Prince Charles meet Diana Spencer for the first time?

- In

Where did they marry?

- At , in

Who did Prince Charles begin an affair with?

- he began an affair with

When was the separation of Prince Charles and Diana announced?

- In

Where did Prince Charles admit to adultery?

- In a televised

Who said "there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded"?


5. Fill in the gaps with the following verbs to tell Charles and Diana’s love story. Use the correct tense.


 Cheat on / Split up / Meet / Go out / Fall in love / Get married / have and argument

1.                    2.               3.

4.           5.       6.      


  .                        This is the end...

6. Now, tell us a love story. Every member of the group will have to write some lines of a poem / rap to make up the story. Use the vocabulary revised in this unit.