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What do you like doing?

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              What do you like doing ?

I. Complete the dialog with the proper word(s) from the box. 

A: I like  . What about you?
B: Well, when I'm at home, I love
C:My friend Suri really enjoys   karaoke but I prefer .  Workout Animation _ dinamobomb
D: I can't wait to go  but my wife prefers Chess sport graphics
A: I also love  animated computer Images and  !!!
Study the chart!
II. Choose the correct option to complete the dialogs below.
A: I can't wait for the weekend.
B: Me, neither. What do you like on weekends?
A: I like  in a band. I  in a band every Saturday night.
B: Huh. What else do you do?
A: Well, when I'm at home,  yoga.
B:  yoga is really relaxing!!
A: Hey, Mia, look at me.     
B: Hold on a second. I'm posting some pictures on my blog.
A:  is your favorite activity, isn't it?
B: Yes, it is, but  sports is cool, too.
A: Well, I'm  outside. I hate  inside.
A: Hey, Tom, are you going  soccer after school again this therm?
B: Actually I really enjoy  sports but I may be in the orchestra this term.
A:  martial arts is cool, too. Why don't you  it?
B: To be honest, I don't mind  martial arts, but I'd rather
4)  animated gifs of gym
A: Hey, Megan, you're really good at  chess, right?
B: Well, I guess so, I really like  chess. Why do you ask?
A: I want  a chess teacher.
B: Well, I can't  you, because I go to the gym every day. 
A: Every day?
B: Yep! I love  !
A: I can't stand .  is my favorite thing.