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Family test

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My family worksheet preview
My family

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Family - using the Simpsons

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Family - Write He-She

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                 Simpsons Family 
Look at the Simpsons Family and click on the correct words.    
1. Marge Simpson is the     father       mother    brother.
2. Homer Simpson is the    father       sister       mother.
3. Marge and Homer Simpson are the    babies     parents.
4. Bart Simpson is the   brother    sister   grandmother.
5. Lisa Simpson is the   brother    sister   grandfather.
6. Abraham Simpson is the mother  sister  grandfather.
7. Maggie Simpson is the father    baby     grandfather.
B. Unscramble the family words. 
a. Mary is the omrteh
b. Bob Junior is the rtehbro
c. And little Sue is the rtessi . 
d. Robert is the rtehaf

C. This is Lisa and her family.
   Choose the correct options.
             Lisa's Family Tree!
1. Marge and Homer Simpson are Lisa's .http://emoticonhq.com/images/Simpsons/homerjump.gif http://www.gifs.net/Animation11/Creatures_and_Cartoons/Cartoons_Simpsons/Marge_shops.gif
    Marge is Lisa's  and Homer is her .
2. Marge and Homer are married.http://www.picgifs.com/graphics/w/wedding-rings/graphics-wedding-rings-299565.gif
    Marge is the  and Homer is the .
3. Marge and Homer have 3 kids:http://simpsons.skewsme.com/img/bart_lisa_shock.gif
    Baby Maggie and Lisa are their  and Bart is their .
4. Bart is Lisa's  and Baby Maggie is Lisa's .
5. Abraham and Mona are Lisa's .http://images.wikia.com/simpsons/images/9/9b/Mona-simpson.png
6. Patty and Selma are Lisa's . http://familygotweb.com/images/margegroup.gif
7. Ling is Lisa's .Ling Bouvier Screenshot.png
   What's the sequence? Number the dialog 1-6.
             Family Photos!
B: Oh, Hi. She's Mary. She's my mother!
A: Hey, Ana: who's she?
B: He's my grandpa: he's 55 years old.
B: She's 32 years old.
A: Wow! She's beautiful! How old is she?
A: And who's he?
   Analize this:
Choose "who" or "how old". Then type I'm, she's, he's, or they're.
A: Hey, Bob, 's she?http://www.liliputians-nyc.com/images/Kate_bday.gif
B:  Lisa's sister, Pamela.
A:  is she?
B: 4 years old. Isn't she cute?
A:  are they? Are they Carol's parents? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-d6-3eTdUbIE/TzZAMCJjKcI/AAAAAAAABC8/2eRMkp6ajRg/s1600/family-frame-2012.gif 
B: Yes, they are.  my uncle Ben and my aunt Lia.
A: And  's the boy on the photo?
B:  my cousin Bill.
A: Wow! He's cute!  is he?
B: 15 years old.
A: Hello, I'm Bart's teacher.  are you?http://www.whrsd.org/uploaded/faculty/lynngentile//teacher_animated%5B1%5D.gifhttp://www.ace-clipart.com/clipart/kid_clipart/child_smiling.gif
B: Hi,  his brother, Phil.
A: OK. And  are you, Phil?
B:  11 years old.
                                                               Have fun! LOL