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Adjectives & Adverbs

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Adjectives or Adverbs

Study the rules:

Adjectives give more information about a noun (names, people, places and things)
Adverbs give  more information about a verb (an action) an adjective (quality) or another adverb (intensity)

Peter writes beautifully                         
Mary is specially careful with children         
Dr. Zu is a very well known Dentist

Most adverbs are formed from an adjective:

easy (-y) + ily       = easily                complete + ly  = completely       automatic + ally   = automatically           horrible (-le) + ly = horribly       
happy(-y) + ily     = happily              nice + ly          = nicely               romantic  + ally    = romantically            simple   (-le) + ly = simply

Some adverbs have the same form as an adjective:
close, daily, early, fast, hard, high, late, right

Adjective       Susan is fast              (tells the way she is)             She is fast        fast is an adjective
Adverb          Susan runs fast          (tells the way she runs)         She runs fast    fast is an adverb

Fill the gaps with the appropriate adjective or adverb:

1.    Laila was playing quiet/quietly
2.    John speaks very loud/loudly
3.    Mary is a careful/carefully driver
4.    She gave us a quick/quickly answer
5.    Patrick was pleased and started to speak happy/happily
6.    I can’t believe it! It started to snow heavy/heavily.
7.    We were lucky/luckily to sell our apartment
8.    I like her voice. It is so beautiful/ beautifully
9.    After the accident I started to drive slow/slowly
10.   The test wasn't easy/easily and we finished in the nick of the time

Good & Well

Adjective - Good
Adverb - Well
Martin is a good guitar player
His English is very good
Mario is a good painter
he plays the guitar well
He Speaks English very well
Mario paints well 

Fill in the gaps with good and well where appropriate.

1.   Peter is adriver, he drives

2.   Martha cooks very . She is acook.

3.   Mr. Jones isn't ateacher. He doesn't teach.

4.   Do you think Celine Dion is a singer? Does she sing.

5.   Ronaldo was asoccer player. He used to play very.