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My family

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My family worksheet preview
My family

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 - Complete the sentences with the family members:
The Jones like to go to the beach. Mary is the  and Paul is the . Their  Beth is holding a ball and their  Ben is holding a red floater.               
The Andrews are nice .  Mrs. Andrews is the  and Mr. Andrews is the . They have three , Linda, Bob, and Tom.  Linda is Bob's           and Bob is Linda's .  They are siblings. Tom is their
Tom's father is Mr. and Mrs. Andrews' . He is Bob and Linda's .                     
The Garcias always shop on Saturdays.  has a shopping list and  pushes     the  cart. Their  Bella wants to buy ice cream and their  Enzo wants to go home because he's going out with his uncle, his aunt and his cousin.                                         
After shopping with his , Enzo Garcia went to the Botanical Garden with his             Jack and Alix, who is his mother's . His  Caroline went with them but his Bella stayed at home.                                                                 
 - Complete the words with the missing vowels:


Grndmthr    Sstrs          Mthr              nt        


        ncl             Prnts       


   Brthr     Grndfthr
  - Match each word to the correct description:
1. nephew Wife or husband's father
2. niece Wife or husband's sister
3. father-in-law Brother and sister
4. mother-in-law Aunt or uncle's son or daughter
5. sister-in-law Brother or sister's son
6. brother-in-law Wife or husband's brother
7. stepmother Wife or husband's mother
8. cousin Brother or sister's daughter.
9. siblings Your father's wife, but not your mother
. Other ways of calling family members.  Choose the correct option.
1. dad, daddy, 
2. mum, mummy, 
3. grandpa, granddad, gramps,
4. grandma, gram, granny, 
- Sing along!
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