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1. Look at the family tree and complete.

Kate is my .        Jane is Carol's .
Bill is my .         John is Grace's .
Peter is my .       Mark is Alice's .
Carol is my .       Kate is Carol's .

Jane is my .   Bill is Kate's .
Mike is my .   Carol is John's .
John is my .        Mike is Grace's .
Alice is my .         Carol is Mark's .
Mark is my .       Grace is Kate's .
Grace is my .      Jane is Bill's .
Answer the questions.

Who is your father's father?                    Who is your brother's sister?                    Who is your mother's sister?
My .                My .                     My .

Who is your uncle's son?                            Who is your father's mother?                    Who is your parents' daughter?
My .                           My .                 My .

. Complete the gaps with the missing verbs.


They  birthdays.                         They   books.                      They  sports together.


They   games together.          They   on holiday.           They   to the cinema.

3. How do you help at home? Write full sentences.

often                       sometimes                never



I often help in the kitchen.                           I .                                       .


         I  .                                       I  .                  I .

4. Read and write true or false.

Example: We celebrate Christmas in November. False

                   Christmas Eve                                      New Year's Eve                                    Three Kings' Day

We celebrate New Year's Eve on 24th December.           On Christmas Eve families have a big dinner.
We celebrate Three Kings' Day on 6th December.            On Three Kings' Day families open presents.
We celebrate Christmas Eve on 24th December.                On New Year's Eve people eat apples.

5. Read and complete the text.

cinema  -  years  -  with  -  celebrate  -  is  -  bed  -  father's  -  name  -  play  - we  -  up

Hello, my is Charles. I'm ten old. I have a lovely family. I live my parents and my sister. My mother 35. Her name is Amy. My name is John. He is 42. My sister's name is Julia.
We often go to the together. Every day read books and games. I help at home. I often tidy my bedroom. I sometimes make my . But I never wash the dishes.
We all Christmas together. I love my family!