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Modern gadgets in our life

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Modern  Gadgets In Our Life
What gadgets & machines do people use? Match the pictures and the words.
 a camera, a sewing machine, a computer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a mobile phone, a TV set, a microwave oven, a mover, a vacuum cleaner, a calculator, a videophone, an alarm clock, a DVD player, a fax machine



Choose the right answer
is used to cut and collect the grass. An  is used to wake up people and to tell the time. is used to take photographs.     A  is used to wash the dishes.  
is used to perform everyday cleaning.  A  is used to cook and defrost food.  A  is used to send and receive urgent messages. is used to write programs, play games, find information.  A  is used to receive or make calls,

Solve the crossword

3 4
1.   2. 
3.   4.  5. 
6.   7. 
What things are the teens talking about?
  Steve: I think this is the most useful invention that I can imagine. I can take it anywhere  I like. I always keep in touch with all my friends whenever I travel. It's fantastic to be able to call them up. And they can get in contact with me if they want! 
If we feel like eating a hot meal, I just get our favourite pre-prepared food and put it into the machine, set the dial  and it's ready in minutes!
 Liza: I'm a couch potato-and I'm proud of it. every time I have a spare minuteyou can always find me on my couch. From there I switch from channel to channel until I find my favourite soaps!